Rock Phosphate Enriched Compost

Tariq Aziz

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  • ISBN: 9783847336969
Optimization of factors
Verschijningsdatum:januari 2012
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Auteur(s):Tariq Aziz | Rashid Waqas | Arshad, Muhammad
Auteur(s):Tariq Aziz | Rashid Waqas | Arshad, Muhammad


Phosphorus plays an important role in a number of processes in plants, especially in photosynthesis, carbon metabolism, membrane formation, energy generation, glycolysis, respiration and nitrogen fixation. Although total P in the soils are high but their availability to plants is too low to meet the requirements so viable strategies are needed to solublized the inorganic P and to use the RP (insoluble source of P) to decrease the dependence on costly chemical fertilizers in crop production . For the transformation of insoluble phosphorus (PR) to soluble form, composting technology would serve as breakthrough and provided optimal conditions. The objective of the study was to optimize the compost: RP ratio, time and temperature conditions for maximum solublization of P by composting. This study was undertaken to evaluate the potential of composting technology to solublize the rock phosphate in soil and also to develop optimum conditions for better release of available P for growth and development of crop plants.