Gerbera in Net house

B M Nandre

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  • ISBN: 9783847317197
Nutrient Management in Gerbera under Net House
Verschijningsdatum:december 2011
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Auteur(s):B M Nandre | A V Barad
Auteur(s):B M Nandre | A V Barad


Gerbera is commonly known as Transavaal, African or Barbeton Daisy. It is native of Tropical Asia and Africa, a member of family Asteraceae (Compositae), is widely used for commercial cultivation.Flower heads are solitary in a wide range of colours i.e. yellow, orange, cream, white, pink, brick red, scarlet, terracotta, etc. Based on the flower heads they are grouped into single, semi-double and double.The cultivated species Gerbera jamesonii has many commercially important cultivars like Sangria, Savannah, Nevada, Rosa Bella, Aida, Dalma, Twiggy, Pink Elegance, etc. Gerbera is propagated by seeds as well as asexually by division of clumps and through cuttings. Gerbera is mostly grown in the open field in tropical and sub-tropical regions where protected cultivation is not common. However, in temperate regions protected cultivation is in vague. Improper fertilization throws the crop in nutrient deficiency or surplus nutrition leads in an economic loss to the entrepreneurs. Optimum fertilization has become an essential tool to boost up flower yield and quality.