Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy Package

Friedrich Paulsen

  • Taal: Nederlands
  • Categorie: Geneeskunde & Verpleging
  • Uitgever: Elsevier Health Sciences
  • ISBN: 9780723437314
  • Review:
mMusculoskeletal system, internal organs, head, neck, neuroanatomy - with online access to e-sobotta.com
Verschijningsdatum:oktober 2011
Afmetingen:33,8 x 25,4 x 14,6 cm
Aantal pagina's:1180 pagina's
Illustraties:Met illustraties
Auteur:Friedrich Paulsen | Jens Waschke
Co-auteur:Jens Waschke
Co-auteur:Jens Waschke
Vertaald door:Sabine Hombach-Klonisch | Thomas Klonisch


Sobotta Atlas of Anatomy Package 15e editie is een boek van Friedrich Paulsen uitgegeven bij Elsevier Health Sciences. ISBN 9780723437314

Sobotta - Atlas of Human Anatomy with online access to e-sobotta.com: the exam atlas for understanding, learning, and training anatomy The English-language Sobotta Atlas with Latin nomenclature is specifically adapted to the needs of preclinical medical students. Right from the start, the book and the Internet content concentrate on exam-relevant knowledge. The new study concept simplifies learning-understanding-training: Descriptive legends help the student identify the most important features in the figures. Clinical examples present anatomical details in a wider context. All illustrations have been optimized, and the lettering reduced to a minimum. An additional booklet containing 100 tables on muscles and nerves supports systematic study. The Sobotta package includes the following: Volume 1: General Anatomy and Musculoskeletal System Volume 2: Internal Organs Volume 3: Head, Neck and Neuroanatomy Tables of Muscles, Joints and Nerves Access to the Sobotta website e-sobotta.com complements your personal exam preparation with additional contents - ideal for printing and taking along: Image database: All Sobotta figures including the figures of the previous edition in high resolution. Exam coach: For selected, exam-relevant figures nomenclatures can be matched by drag & drop and evaluated immediately. Diss2go: Figures relevant for dissection can be printed and taken along to the dissection course. Additional tips help to avoid mistakes during dissection.