Program Your Child For Success

Ben Cronje

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  • ISBN: 9781425185183
Verschijningsdatum:januari 2011
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Auteur(s):Ben Cronje
Auteur(s):Ben Cronje


For every parent it is important that his child will: develop a strong self-image become goals-directed and motivated master the required abilities and skills to make a success of his/her school career and to become an achiever in school and in adult life But, unfortunately, instead of hearing many stories of successful children, we regularly hear about of crime, school failures, and unruly and undisciplined children who fall prey to a-social behaviour. More than often parents don't know how to deal with these problems: they feel powerless and become panicky. Tragically their children, who could have become achievers, end up in a life of mediocrity and failure The good news is that parents who have the commitment and the knowledge, can effectively help their children to become top achievers. The human being's potential is not static, it can be developed and improved. Yes, it requires commitment, consistency and some sacrifices to ensure that your child will become an achiever, but it can be done Dr. Ben Cronje has done research over many years to find out what parents should do to actually "program" their children for success. He has presented courses for many years to parents and children and has saved scores of children from mediocrity and failure and helped them to become achievers Just imagine what it could mean to your child if you as parent could put him or her on the road to achievements and success