Age Blasters

Ed Mayhew

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  • ISBN: 9781598589085
3 Steps to a Younger You
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Auteur:Ed Mayhew
Auteur:Ed Mayhew


Fitness Look, Feel & Be Years Younger What you are doing and thinking day after day is causing you to age slower or AGE FASTER Experts say that if you are typical, the speed at which you age doubles every eight years. This doesn't have to happen to you. We all know basically what to do - exercise more, eat better, get needed rest & sleep, stress less and adopt a more positive attitude - but few follow through. Age Blasters gives you a 3-step tool to easily jump from KNOWING to DOING to ENJOYING being biologically years younger. You will discover how easy it is to: Bridge the gap between knowing what to do and doing it Slash skyrocketing healthcare costs Maintain a sharp mind all your life Enjoy, AT YOUR AGE, more energy than most 20-year-olds Use a single thought to significantly slow aging and transform your life Quit destructive habits cold turkey with this single technique Be biologically younger than folks decades your junior WOW - what a stimulating, motivating page turner - - - I dare you to read AGE BLASTERS without becoming motivated to start 'growing your own body younger ' These are real people who took charge of their Mind, Body and Spirit to start turning back the clock - and their lives into a blast - and you can do it, too Ed Mayhew has written a winner and it is all for your benefit. -- Barbara Reed Stitt, Ph.D., author: Best-Selling book, " Food & Behavior, A Natural Connection." Ed Mayhew is the author of Fitter after 50: Forever Changing Our Beliefs about Aging and Fitter for Life: The Secrets of 25 Masters of Fitness. For his books, magazine articles and newsletters he has researched and interviewed hundreds of masters athletes who are redefining what it means to age. These men and women, ages 40 to 80 and better, through their age-defying athletic feats of endurance, strength and speed, are challenging our self-sabotaging beliefs about aging. They are proving that much, if not most, of the physical deterioration (and mental decline) that we blame on aging is actually the result of choices we have made and continue to make. www.AgeBlasters3.com, www.FitterForLife.com You are just 3 simple steps from looking, feeling and being younger. What are you waiting for?"