Chemistry of the Environment

David E. Newton

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  • Taal: Engels
  • Categorie: Gezondheid & Lichaam
  • Uitgever: Facts On File Inc
  • ISBN: 9780816077472
Verschijningsdatum:oktober 2008
Afmetingen:22,9 x 14,6 x 1,9 cm
Aantal pagina's:240 pagina's
Auteur(s):David E. Newton
Auteur(s):David E. Newton


This is a comprehensive guide to the role of chemistry in our environment. Chemistry of the Environment provides a general introduction to the role of chemistry in environmental issues, including air and water pollution, solid wastes, and the relatively new field of green chemistry. Some of the most obvious examples of pollution are smoke produced by industrial operations, carbon dioxide and other gases released into the atmosphere as a by-product of burning fuels, silt and sediment washed off land by rainwater, and garbage dumped on land.This accessible new book discusses the chemical nature of air, water, and solid waste pollution; the biological, chemical, and physical effects of pollutants; and the methods available for the control of each type of pollution. In addition to vast scientific information, this volume presents historical background and a brief introduction to social, political, economic, legal, and other issues related to the environment. Biographical information on important researchers in the field is also provided.The chapters include: The Road to Earth Day; Chemistry of the Air: Pollutants; Chemistry of the Atmosphere: Changes in the Atmosphere; Chemistry of Water Pollution; Chemistry of Solid Waste Disposal; and, Green Chemistry.