A Man on the Moon

Andrew Chaikin

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  • ISBN: 9780141041834
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The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts
Verschijningsdatum:mei 2009
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Auteur(s):Andrew Chaikin | Tom Hanks
Auteur(s):Andrew Chaikin | Tom Hanks


The race to the moon was won spectacularly by Apollo 11 on 20 July 1969. When astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took their 'giant step' across a ghostly lunar landscape, they were watched by some 600 million people on Earth 250,000 miles away. 'A Man on the Moon' is the definitive account of the heroic Apollo programme: from the tragedy of the fire in Apollo 1 during a simulated launch, through the euphoria of the first moonwalk, to the discoveries made by the first scientist in space aboard Apollo 17. Drawing on hundreds of hours of in-depth interviews with the astronauts and team, this is the story of the twentieth century's greatest human achievement, minute-by-minute, in the words of those who were there.