Dragon Ball

Akira Toriyama

  • Bindwijze: Paperback
  • Taal: Engels
  • Categorie: Stripboeken, Manga & Graphic Novels
  • Uitgever: Viz Media, Subs. Of Shogakukan Inc
  • ISBN: 9781421525662
  • Review:
The Complete Illustrations
Verschijningsdatum:oktober 2008
Aantal pagina's:218 pagina's
Illustraties:Met illustraties
Auteur(s):Akira Toriyama | Gerard Jones
Illustrator:Akira Toriyama
Illustrator:Akira Toriyama
Originele Titel:Dragon Ball
Personage:Dragon Ball Z


- Dragon Ball is the best-selling manga series in Japan. - The Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z series combined have sold through more than one million GNs in the U.S. to date (BookScan). - Over 11.7million Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z videos & DVDs have sold through in the U.S. to date (VideoScan). - Every volume of the Dragon Ball series is still selling to this day. There are 42 volumes total and they debuted in the U.S. in 2000! - Toriyama has a strong fan base in the U.S. - Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball Z have also spawned numerous video games, which consistently rank in the top ten in national sales. - A live action Dragon Ball Z movie is currently in production to be released theatrically in Spring 2009. Dragon Ball: The Complete Illustrations A seminal series from a legendary creator. Dragon Ball, a wry update on the Chinese Monkey King myth, introduces us to Son Goku, a young monkey-tailed boy whose quiet life is turned upside-down when he meets Bulma, a girl determined to collect the seven Dragon Balls. If she gathers them all, an incredibly powerful dragon will appear and grant her one wish. But the precious orbs are scattered all over the world, and to get them she needs the help of a certain super-strong boy...